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Flu Frequently Ask Questions.

1. Why is it so important for one to educate them regarding the flu?

Many times we are so busy that we think that the flu will not affect us. If you are a healthy person you may think you need not worry. The truth is we need to think about the importance of flu prevention. We should consider our loved ones, our children and the elderly. It is our responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to help keep those around us healthy as well. .

2. What are the symptoms of the flu virus?

If someone is contaminated with the flu, the main symptoms that present themselves are fever, cold sweats, body aches and pains, sore throat, weakness and a slight cough. The flu is very different from a regular cold. The flu can be transmitted via cough, sneezing, contact with contaminated objects and physical contact with another person who is infected.

3. Who is at risk of contracting the flu?

The elderly, small children and persons with chronic conditions are all at a high risk. The truth is that every one is at risk.

4. What are the risk factors of contracting the flu?

With the flu you aren't only risking the physical consequences of dealing with the virus, but also financial. Having the flu will cause you to miss work, make co-payments at the doctor's office and at the pharmacy and also paying for over the counter medications. We may even be faced with hospital time, recuperations and contaminating others in our own household or workplace.

5. How does the flu virus get treated?

The flu is viral, not bacterial. Therefore it needs to be treated with an antiviral. Usually doctors will prescribe tamiflu which is the antiviral indicated for the influenza virus. They may combine this with an antibiotic to take care of any complications originating from a bacterial infection which can sometimes be associated with the flu.

6. When should someone be vaccinated?

One should get vaccinated at the beginning of the flu season. The season begins in early October. At Navarro, we are ready with the vaccine since September of every year so that patients can stay healthy and plan ahead.

7. Does someone need a prescription to receive the flu vaccine?

To receive the vaccine you do not need a prescription from your doctor. You can make the choice to receive it on your own. Should you have any questions, our pharmacists at Navarro are always ready and available for a consult.


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