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Ask the Pharmacist


Welcome to Navarro's Ask the Pharmacist.

Navarro Discount Pharmacies have a proud history as pillars of South Florida's vibrant multicultural heritage. After moving our thriving family pharmacy from Havana, Cuba, we've earned a reputation as the Miami-Dade area's most trusted pharmacies. Over the last nearly 50 years, we've proudly served multiple generations of your families. As your neighbors, we're always here to help. Whether you have a question about the best over the counter remedy for that tickle in your throat, or you'd like to know more about medications your physician has prescribed, we've got the answers.

As Navarro Discount Pharmacies have continued to grow, we've consistently searched for new ways to serve you. We know you have diverse needs and even more diverse schedules. Now you can submit questions to a trained, licensed, caring pharmacist- 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can expect a prompt, courteous reply from one of our pharmacists during our regular business hours.

When should I use Ask The Pharmacist to submit a question online?

Navarro Discount Pharmacies' Ask The Pharmacist online feature is an easy way for you to contact our pharmacists when it's convenient for you. Let's face it, sometimes important questions come up at the strangest times. Being able to submit your inquiry online immediately can give you peace of mind. Your pharmacist can be a vital resource when you need answers about drug interactions, or safety instructions. Do you have a question about whether your insurance covers the cost of your medication? Would you like to know more about how Medicare or Medicaid can help you to afford the medications you need? Are you wondering if a generic version of a medication is a viable money-saving option for the next time you refill your prescription? These are all excellent questions to ask your pharmacist online. Please feel welcome to ask others as well.

How long will it be before my question is answered?

A pharmacist will answer your question as promptly as possible. During our regular business hours, your answer may be returned rapidly. We do our very best to make sure every question is answered by the next day. However, answering your question accurately is very important to us. In some cases, the best answer requires a little extra time and research. We believe your health and peace of mind are worth it.

Se Habla Español.

Navarro Discount Pharmacies have been serving South Florida's proud Hispanic community since 1961. It is our pleasure to continue to be a part of your family. We will be happy to have one of our bilingual pharmacists answer your question.

When should I see a doctor rather than asking my pharmacist?

If your health or symptoms change significantly or suddenly, you may need a change in prescription, a change in overall treatment protocol, or even direct medical attention. If you suspect you need a change in prescription or medical treatment, you will need to consult your physician. Navarro's pharmacists care about your safety. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your healthcare provider or call 911 right away. Once your medical issue has been properly addressed by your physician, we'll be here to help you with your ongoing care.

Are my questions and personal information kept confidential?

Your trust and confidence are important to us. As licensed professionals, our pharmacists diligently comply with all the ethical guidelines of our trade. Moreover, our clients are protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) standards. The law guards the privacy of your Protected Health Information, and we are unwavering in our adherence to all ethical and legal obligations to our valued customers. We consider your good faith to be our most important asset, so you can rely on us to treat all of your sensitive information with the utmost care.

We at Navarro Discount Pharmacies are honored to be chosen as your ally in creating better health. Please submit your question here…and as always, live well.

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