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Navarro Rewards at the Pharmacy

Every 4 credits = a $2 Navarro Coupon

Earn up to $50 in Navarro Coupons for filling Rx, getting flu shots and more. Visit the pharmacy to learn more.

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Ways to earn
1 credit

  1. Filing or refiling a single prescription
  2. Enroll a family member

Ways to earn
3 credits

  1. Filling or refilling a 90−day prescription
  2. Getting your annual flu shot and each of your immunizations

Earn faster,

Credits add up quickly when you enroll family members − including your pets. Enroll at the pharmacy counter.

You must opt-in to earn rewards at the pharmacy and sign a privacy authorization to earn rewards. When you earn 4 credits you will get a $2 Navarro coupon. An individual can earn up to $50 in Navarro coupons in a calendar year in connection with the program. See program rules at or ask a pharmacist for a copy.

The member needs to join ExtraCare and opt in to rewards at the pharmacy in store with the pharmacist.

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